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2022/06 Y-file Story UNESCO Chair Coordinator Katrin Kohl awarded fellowship by The Royal Society of Arts in London

2022/06 UNESCO Chair Newsletter June 2022 50 years of global sustainability efforts

2022/05 Y-file Story Sustainable on the Go Partners explore new global landscape of higher education

2022/05 UNESCO Chair Newsletter May 2022 Living together in peace

2022/04 Interview with Charles Hopkins in the Globe & Mail during Earth Week 2022

2022/04 Charles Hopkins as one of Canada´s Clean 50 in the Globe & Mail

2022/04 UNESCO Chair Newsletter April 2022 Earth Week

2022/03 UNESCO Chair Newsletter March 2022 Education for peace

2022/02 UNESCO Chair Newsletter February 2022 Education as a social contract with #Sustainability4Ed

2022/01 Y-File Story Year in Review 2021: Top headlines for York University: UNESCO Chair Charles Hopkins recognized with lifetime achievement award

2021/12 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Long Journey Home Sustainability4Ed

2021/11 UNESCO Chair --> Sustainable on the Go Publication Launch and Save the Date 2022

2021/11 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Education prominent at COP 26 and in the SDGs #Sustainability4Ed

2021/10 The York University Brief in October 2021: UNESCO Chair Charles Hopkins recognized with lifetime achievement award

2021/10 Y-File Story UNESCO Chair Associate Mark Terry’s new documentary to screen at COP26

2021/10 Y-File Story Climate change first on CIFAL York’s agenda in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair as well as other York and external partners

2021/10 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Happy World Teachers' Day 2021

2021/10 Y-File Story Charles Hopkins recognized with lifetime achievement award

2021/09 UNESCO Chair Newsletter #Sustainability4Ed

2021/07 UNESCO Chair Newsletter #Sustainability4Ed

2021/06 Y-File Story York-led #IndigenousESD Network aims to enhance education for Indigenous youth to honour Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada

2021/06 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Sustainability is a purpose of education #Sustainability4Ed

2021/05 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Education Needs to Transform to #LearnForOurPlanet

2021/05 York International Global Engagement Newsletter UNITWIN Global Research Network and Sustainable on the Go Initiative

2021/04 Y-File Story York partners with Ban Ki-moon Centre and Austrian Cultural Forum for event on transformative education for the 21st century

2021/04 UNESCO Newsletter What on Earth ...?

2021/03 Y-File Story York named founding partner of new global UNESCO network on education for sustainable development

2021/03 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Keeping happiness through meaningful connections

2021/02 Y-File Story Youth Climate Report project partners with Foundation for Environmental Education

2021/02 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Strengthening global networks during the 2021 International Year of Peace and Trust

2021/01 Y-File Story Conference will focus on international higher education that is sustainable and inclusive

2021/01 Y-File Story January McLaughlin Lunch Talks features guest speaker Charles Hopkins

2021/01 Y-File Story Community Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals at York University

2020/12 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Happy Holidays from Toronto

2020/12 Y-File Story Join conversation on moving international mobility towards sustainability, inclusivity and innovation

2020/11 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Wrap up warm, the days are getting cold in Canada

2020/10 UNESCO Chair Newsletter October 5 is World Teachers´ Day

2020/09 Y-File Story Debate and book launch on the menu for this week's McLaughlin Lunch Talks

2020/09 UNESCO Chair Newsletter #ESDfor2030 - the beginning of a new decade

2020/07 UNESCO Chair Newsletter International Day of Friendship

2020/05 UNESCO Chair Newsletter International Day of Living Together in Peace

2020/02 UNESCO Chair Newsletter to the #IndigenousESD network

2020/01 UNESCO Chair Newsletter to the International Network of Teacher Education Institutions (INTEI)

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