Research report #1 on quality education outcomes

The #IndigenousESD Research Report No. 1 on Quality Education is available

The full report provides a data analysis from all UN regions. It is now available as open access document and has been published.

Global Report on Research Initiative 1 Outcomes of Quality Education (December 2019, final version)


We published an overview of the research as well as an analysis with a focus on twenty-first centuries in the peer-reviewed Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability:

  • Volume 21, Issue 2, 2019, titled 'ESD for All: Learnings from the #IndigenousESD Global Research' (DOI: 10.2478/jtes-2020-0018)
  • Volume 22, Issue 2, 2020, titled 'Learnings from the #IndigenousESD Global Research: Twenty-First Century Competencies for All Learners' (DOI: 10.2478/jtes-2019-0020)

We appreciate your insight. Please share your thoughts with us and contact the Global Coordinator for this research, Ms. Katrin Kohl, mailto kkohl(at)

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